Mortise and Tenon Cafe

Mortise and Tenon Cafe

The interior colonial true louver shutter\door is a stunning piece of millwork. Incorporating authentic mortise and tenon construction with oversized stiles, rails, and a beveled slat to create an interior louvered shutter/door that is as beautiful as it is solid. Each tenon is secured with two teak pegs. This historically correct approach towards construction utilizes no mechanical fasteners.

Basswood is used to construct this interior grade shutter. Light in weight, and having a clean white color, basswood is a great choice for staining or painting. Shutter design incorporates a 1-1/2 inch trim on top and bottom rails. Sides will trim 1/2 inch.

This shutter can be used as bi-fold, bar, or bathroom stall door or any other application that requires louvered shutters/doors.

For unsurpassed quality the interior colonial true louver is the finest available.